Ultimate Twitter sidebar feed is an awesome joomla module to display your tweets with many features including choosing the colors that match your website theme

Our free Facebook Like box Slider is a Facebook module to display your Facebook wall and Facebook fans in a nice left/right facebook slider. There are many reasons to put a Facebook like box on your web site. Here are some reasons to put a Facebook like box on your site.

The Ultimate Google+ Badge supports both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Furthermore, there are myriad Google badge types to choose from, including that of Google+ pages, profiles and communities. Profile badge types, in particular, make Google+ profiles more visible and searchable, increasing their overall exposure on the web. With this added feature, web users can easily add you to their online circles. This is critical because in order to thrive in the business world, you must exist within the framework of a growing business network. Solidifying these new connections will bestow you with resources that you initially lacked access to. Furthermore, you will grow your business by securing the right partnerships and attracting more customers. Your next Google+ connection may be your biggest customer yet.

Business and social media has become virtually inseparable, as businesses are constantly in search of ways to boost web traffic, generate more leads, increase sales and bolster profits. Businesses that are deeply immersed in social media have a noteworthy advantage over less social companies in the business world. The digital landscape is ridden with countless professional, social, online profiles designed to attract more customers. One of the most effective means of achieving a viral, widespread, professional appeal is through the use of Google+, which has a global impact on the Internet world. Television ads, paper ads and radio ads are usually restricted to a specific locality. However, Google+ possesses a universal appeal. Unlike a TV or paper ad, your Google+ profile is always up and running. Furthermore, you can garner has many connections as you want, from all edges of the globe. You can actually reach a vaster audience with your products and services and drastically increase profits. The Google+ platform differs markedly from other social media websites. It harness the power of micro-blogging, blogging, and news feeds.

Online networking has become the fundamental, driving force behind today’s businesses. Companies and businesses are no longer solely defined by the products and services they offer to the masses. Companies can now bolster their exposure and popularity by actively engaging in the Internet world, displaying their individual skills and credentials on social networking platforms. The ultimate Google Profile Card allows entrepreneurs and business persons to demonstrate their professional expertise, and to garner more connections in their social following. Furthermore, this feature supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.