Ultimate Google Profile Card

Online networking has become the fundamental, driving force behind today’s businesses. Companies and businesses are no longer solely defined by the products and services they offer to the masses. Companies can now bolster their exposure and popularity by actively engaging in the Internet world, displaying their individual skills and credentials on social networking platforms. The ultimate Google Profile Card allows entrepreneurs and business persons to demonstrate their professional expertise, and to garner more connections in their social following. Furthermore, this feature supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.

Google+ is now dominating the business world for a few critical reasons. Most businesses would be deemed obsolete without the formidable power of social media marketing. And statistically speaking, the higher a company website ranks on the Google search engine, the more leads and sales it generates. This is because prospective customers are more likely to click on the first few search results that appear on the Google search results page.

The Google Profile Card allows every business person to fully capitalize on the power of social media. If your company website is linked to your Google+ profile, you can use this to your advantage. A Google Profile Card essentially displays your picture, lists your name and city, and well as your professional role in your given company. Listed below these details, web visitors will also take note of the “Google+ Connection” button, bringing your web visitors within the bounds of your Google circle. These profile cards summarize the most essential details of your Google profile. And the more individuals click on your profile card, the larger your Google+ circle will be. This will translate beautifully on the Google search engine for a few fundamental reasons. Google values frequently uploaded, quality content. Hence, the more activity you have on your Google+ profile, the higher you will rank.

This profile card is highly effective because Google algorithms screen for far more than mere blog content. The activities that occur on your Google+ profile drastically impact your web rankings, as well as your overall visibility and web authority. In today’s technological age, myriad companies rely heavily on Google+; and this profile card system can help entice more social connections and potential sales. This is because Google+ bestows all of its users with the unique opportunity to chat with connections, stream live webinars, upload posts, and much more. In essence, Google+ is a powerhouse for frequent, quality content, granting every business the opportunity to ingrain a more formidable position in their respective industry. The beauty of using this tool is that web visitors can connect with your Google profile without ever visiting your company website.

The Google profile card is highly expedient, allowing your web visitors to hastily connect with you on a more personal level. This is absolutely fundamental, as sales and long term professional relationships are predicated on trust. Without trust, you will not generate exceptional profits. However, once you begin to invite prospective customers and previous customers into your Google network by using a profile card, you can essentially forge a deeper professional connection with them. They will then receive updates about news, posts, live streams and webinars. This can systematically add value to your business by providing your connections with up to date, free, quality content.

And of course, a Google profile badge can be used for branding purposes, as well. You can project the image that you choose, and select the appropriate amount of information to release to the public. Your very own badge should be an accurate representation of your company’s image. Branding is critical for a few key reasons. Firstly, it gives you the power to harness the true impact of your company. Secondly, brands are consistent images that consumers rely on to make key decisions. A consistent brand image can be observed among the greatest companies in the world. And of course, brands can give your company a greater sense of legitimacy in the eyes of your customers. The more powerful your brand is, the more value customers will ascribe to your products and services. So, use the Google profile card to your advantage.