Ultimate Google Plus Badges

The Ultimate Google+ Badge supports both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Furthermore, there are myriad Google badge types to choose from, including that of Google+ pages, profiles and communities. Profile badge types, in particular, make Google+ profiles more visible and searchable, increasing their overall exposure on the web. With this added feature, web users can easily add you to their online circles. This is critical because in order to thrive in the business world, you must exist within the framework of a growing business network. Solidifying these new connections will bestow you with resources that you initially lacked access to. Furthermore, you will grow your business by securing the right partnerships and attracting more customers. Your next Google+ connection may be your biggest customer yet.

Another badge type is that of pages, which encompasses the features included in the profile badge type. However, it possesses a few additional features, as well. Essentially, this function merges all of your Google connections, and allows you to utilize the features of Google+ Direct Connect. Combining all of your connections into a single, coherent unit will make it far easier to organize them, and contact one of your connections if necessary.

Finally, the Google community badge type allows web users to locate your community online, and interact with those who share common interests. This is important for a few key reasons. The larger your online community is, the more share-worthy your content will be. For example, suppose you have a community of only 3 connections, and you upload a blog post each day. Each of these three community members shares your post with 3 other people, and they subsequently share your post with three other people. As you can see from this example, your content can disseminate rapidly, even with a community of only 3 people. But, imagine the impact that a single, daily blog post would have on your business if you were in a community of 100s of people. This would translate to more profits and more customers. The noteworthy impact would be immediately noticed, when you consider how information is propagated through the web. Rapidly spreading content is often referred to as “viral” because a single person can spread a piece of content throughout the globe in very little time.

As noted, the Ultimate Google+ Badge is designed to extract the most from all of your daily, social media activities. A Facebook post will reach your limited group of friends. However a Google+ post made using the aforementioned tool will be searchable on the web, and increase your chances of being found on a search engine. It is not your sole responsibility to seek out valuable, business connections using this tool. With this badge system, viable professionals and potential customers can actually find and connect with you.