Ultimate Twitter Sidebar Feed

Ultimate Twitter sidebar feed is an awesome joomla module to display your tweets with many features including choosing the colors that match your website theme


  • Width
  • Height
  • Auto width
  • Poll for new results
  • Scrollbar
  • Number of Tweets
  1. Microblogging with Twitter Widget

    Use the Twitter Widget to Micro-Blog. Tell the world what you are doing with the Twitter Widget. Keep family connected to your daily life with the twitter widget.

  2. Quick answers with Twitter Widget

    Crowdsourcing with the Twitter Widget. Ask all sorts of questions to the Twitter Widget universe with the Twitter Widget.

  3. Finding a job with Twitter Widget

    The Twitter Widget can help you get a new job. Not only can you announce to the world that you are looking for employment, but many companies post their job openings on the Twitter Widget.

  4. Keeping up with the news with Twitter Widget

    Use the Twitter Widget as a great way to keep track of news.

  5. Arrange a lunch with friends with Twitter Widget

    The Twitter Widget can be very useful for arranging a time and place to get together. The Twitter Widget is like a conference call with text messaging. So, if you have a regular lunch date with a group of people, or just want to arrange a get together, the Twitter Widget can be a great way to nail down a time and place that works for everyone.

  6. Helpful outbursts with Twitter Widget

    We've all had one of those days, the Twitter Widget can be really helpful because it lets you rage to millions of people. And you might just get some sympathy tweets out of it too.

  7. Keep up with your favorite team with Twitter Widget

    The Twitter Widget's search feature can be a great way to track trends or keep up with a particular subject. Just follow the tweets on the Twitter Widget. Not only will you get regular score updates with the Twitter Widget, but you'll get some fun color commentary to go along with it.

  8. Find out what people think about the latest movie with Twitter Widget

    Use the search feature of the Twitter Widget to check out what the buzz is on the latest release at the theaters. The Twitter Widget can be a great way to find out if the movie is a bomb or a bust.

  9. Becoming involved with politics with Twitter Widget

    Barack Obama laid down the blueprint, and politicians are increasingly turning to the Twitter Widget. What better way to tell your senator what you think about a key vote than to use the Twitter Widget?

  10. Fun and Games with the Twitter Widget

    Becoming popular on Twitter is the use of third-party games to interact with the Twitter Widget accounts.